About JPL Disaster Recovery

Respected experts in cleaning, restoration and reconstruction following a disaster since 1966, JPL Disaster Recovery is an affiliate of recognized industry leader, Group JPL. Known and recommended by the main insurance companies, JPL Disaster Recovery serves the Gatineau, Ottawa and Outaouais region.

Our Approach and Philosophy

At JPL Disaster Recovery, customer satisfaction comes first. Our team approach is to listen to and understand the needs of each client, in order to provide them with the highest caliber service possible, all while respecting timelines, budgets, and expectations. Confidence is crucial in a disaster situation, which is why we bend over backwards to earn yours, helping you resume your normal daily activities feeling secure, comfortable, and with total peace of mind. JPL Disaster Recovery is committed to providing services that meet both your needs and expectations, while limiting any unforeseen delays.

Our Values

JPL Disaster Recovery is an affiliate of Group JPL, a company recognized for its expertise and deep-rooted values.
respect – commitment – transparency – rigor

Our Commitment

Investing time, money, and effort into the improvement, growth and life of the community and region has always been a part of the Group JPL mission. Actively implicated within organizations and associations driven by shared values, Group JPL works towards making a real difference within the community.

In addition to involving themselves in the business and contracting sectors, all three generations of Pelletier family executives, as well as their main industry partners, have contributed to community development by supporting the following organizations: