A Specialized Team in Post-Disaster Restoration and Renovation

JPL Disaster Recovery is a team of professionals who combine their strengths in order to offer complete cleaning and renovation services following a disaster. Working in synergy, all members of our workforce are permanent company employees with the qualifications and experience required to handle emergency interventions as well as restoration work for a building affected by a disaster.

The involvement of the company’s other divisions, including over 100 professionals, puts JPL Disaster Recovery in a position to deploy a number of additional resources in critical situations such as natural disasters.

Trustworthy Professionals

The JPL Disaster Recovery team is made up of specialists such as:

  • Experienced engineers
  • Technologists in architecture
  • Technicians in civil engineering, architecture, mechanics, and information technology
  • Foremen and site supervisors specialized in damage control
  • Carpenters, painters, plasterers and highly qualified construction day workers
  • Moving and cleaning services
  • An experienced administrative support team