Complete, Post-Damage Cleaning and Renovation Services

When disaster strikes, a timely response is critical to limiting the damage and deterioration of your property and belongings. JPL Disaster Recovery is there to ensure that intervention is quick and professional, whether following a fire, flood, water damage, act of vandalism, or any other type of disaster.

Once the situation is assessed, we take charge of restoring your goods, and of any renovations needed for the resumption of daily life.

Available as much to individuals as to small businesses, industrial operations and institutional organizations, JPL Disaster Recovery is known for its professional emergency restoration and post-damage cleaning services.

Emergency Intervention Plan in the Event of Natural Disaster

JPL Disaster Recovery has an emergency plan that allows us to act independently of public services. This plan enables JPL to take total charge of any intervention necessary in the event of a major natural disaster, anywhere in the province.

Multidisciplinary Expertise in Damage Control

The strength of JPL Disaster Recovery lies in the synergy between all its teams, each one made up of experts in emergency intervention, as well as post-damage renovation and restoration. Thanks to the specialized skills of its workforce and the experienced professionalism of its interventionists, JPL Disaster Recovery enjoys a reputation for excellence in this sector since 1966.

JPL Disaster Recovery: A Company Recognized by Insurers

JPL Disaster Recovery has established itself as a reference for emergency restoration and renovation following a major disaster. Recognized by all major insurance companies, JPL works directly with insurers to facilitate communication, simplify tasks for the owner, and ensure quick and efficient administration.

Complementary Services That Make All the Difference

At JPL Disaster Recovery, we understand the difficulties and annoyances that come with major property damage. It’s why we’ve been developing a complete range of complementary services that provide total support to individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses, both during the most critical moments of a disaster, as well as throughout the process of restoring their property.

Thanks to partnership programs with specialists in several related sectors, JPL Disaster Recovery is in a position to offer a variety of additional services to victims of disaster, including:

  • 24-hour security and surveillance of your home, place of business or building
  • Access to laboratory analysis professionals and adherence to environmental norms
  • The expertise of external building architects and engineers
  • The expertise of engineers and project managers working within our sister company, Construction JPL