Emergency measures

Quick and Efficient Measures in the Event of Disaster

At JPL Disaster Recovery, the first mission for our emergency teams is to take complete charge of managing all interventions immediately following a major disaster. Working directly on-site, we operate around the clock in order to minimize damages caused by fire, flood, water damage, acts of vandalism, earthquakes, and more.

Are you the victim of a major disaster? Contact our emergency service.

Our Specialized Post-Disaster Intervention Teams Are On-Call

Ready to intervene for any type of disaster, regardless of scale, JPL Disaster Recovery has material resources and competent specialists ready to take charge of all necessary emergency measures. Our disaster intervention team members are all permanent employees of the company, and ready to respond on-site as quickly as possible.

Whether you’re a victim of a natural disaster, extreme weather conditions, fire, acts of vandalism or even structural damage to a building caused by a collision, we can intervene quickly and perform the necessary tasks to minimize damage and protect your belongings.

Resources Available 24/7

When you contact our 24-hour emergency service, you will always be directed to a competent resource, regardless of your situation. We will take charge of priorities like drying, cleaning, decontamination, odour control and protection of your property and belongings.

Interventions in the Event of Fire, Flood, Water Damage and Other Disasters

  • Water suction via industrial truck
  • Drying of flooded areas
  • Protection of damage-affected areas
  • Debris removal
  • Air treatment and purification
  • Reestablishment of heating and electrical systems
  • Temporary security and heating of disaster-affected areas
  • Handling, wrapping, moving and transportation of belongings
  • Secure storage of contents
  • Minimization of situational damage
  • Selective or total demolition

Interventions in the Event of Vehicle Impact to a Building, Theft, and Other Non-Environmental Causes

  • Temporary shuttering and securing following window or door breakage
  • Structural stabilization and solidification
  • Temporary security and heating of location

Cleaning and Decontamination Intervention Following a Disaster

  • Furniture and carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning of burnt belongings
  • Crime scene cleaning
  • Residential cleaning
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Pressure, sand jet, or dry cleaning
  • Animal odour cleaning (skunks, cats, etc.)
  • Smoke odour treatment
  • Asbestos removal