What to do?

What To Do in the Event of Disaster

When disaster strikes, it’s important to follow clear procedures in order to ensure your security, minimize damages, and limit the deterioration of your personal belongings and property. Do not take needless risks! Before surveying your property, ensure that the area is secure and wait for the approval of emergency specialists.

Emergency Measures

You fall victim to a disaster such as:

  • A flood or water damage
  • Damage caused by wind
  • A fire
  • Vehicular impact
  • Vandalism and theft
  • An earthquake
  • An oil spill
  • A crime or suicide
  • Odours or damage caused by animals

The first priority is to find shelter and ensure you and your family or employees’ safety. Once everyone is secure, call the appropriate emergency services.

Contact Information for Disaster Relief Services

In case of fire, an explosion, gas leak, robbery, crime, vehicular impact, etc.Call 911 immediately.
Gatineau and Ottawa municipal call centres : 311
Gazifière : 819 771-8321, option1
Hydro Quebec, 24-hour service : 1 800-790-2424

Liens utiles

Hydro Quebec Power Outages
Government of Canada Family Emergency Preparedness
Environment Canada: Weather

Immediately Following a Disaster

Once the danger has passed, contact your broker or insurance company to notify them as soon as possible. Inform yourself as to the services and indemnities covered by your insurance policy, including the coverage amount.

Your insurance company will assign a professional to effectuate and consolidate emergency work. You can request or claim JPL Disaster Recovery services with your insurer and provide them with our contact information (819 770-3038). JPL Disaster Recovery is specialized in emergency measures and post-damage restoration, and is recognized by the majority of insurance providers. Our team will arrive quickly to the site of the disaster and will be able to assist you and take charge of any restoration work required.

Site Renovation and Reconstruction

Your insurer will mandate a company specialized in renovation and reconstruction to evaluate the costs and scope of work. You can also request or claim JPL Disaster Recovery services from your insurer.

Get in touch with JPL Disaster Recovery as soon as your insurer confirms that you may proceed with the restoration of your property. Our specialized team in post-damage renovation will work with you to draw up a timeframe for work completion and will begin renovations as soon as possible. Don’t forget to prepare your payment for any applicable deductible.

During the restoration work, remain accessible, available and cooperative. JPL Disaster Recovery will deploy maximum effort to limit any upheaval, helping you get through this challenging time and complete the necessary renovations within the most reasonable timeframe.